135 days!!! That is way way too long!!!

June 15 to October 28, that is exactly 135 days. I spent 135 days without watching any basketball games. That is way too long for a basketball addict like me. Yeah, I know preseasons games started on October 4 but this is not the same. Preseasons games don’t have the same competitiveness than games that are played during regular season. Players don’t play at 100%.

That being said, I am glad to say that basketball is back. I can again be this weird/antisocial woman who is always looking at her phone to look at games results/statistics on my NBA app. I look at the NBA application way too many times wether I am watching games, or not. I really thank god for this app. If you are a basketball addict just like me, then you should definitely have this app.

Pardon my French

Welcome to my brain!!!

I decided to start a blog because one of my friends told me once that I was very opinionated woman and that I needed to share my opinions with others, and also because I couldn’t afford therapy.

Am I an angry woman?? Hummm sometimes… Who am I?? I am just a citizen of the world who is trying desperately to survive in this chaotic world filled with hatred.

What brings me joy: My family, open-minded people, movies, musics and sports.

What I hate: Nastiness, wickedness, rudeness, racism, people that get offended or defensive very easily, selfish and narrow-minded people. I also hate to see people cry.

In this blog, I plan to be writing and sharing posts about the cruelty in the world. I will also write about the 2 things I enjoy the most: movies and basketball.

PS: I am no writer so please bear with me. I can guarantee you that you will see more than once either a grammatical, spelling, conjugation and punctuation mistakes. If you want to bash on me, go ahead. That’s it for now! Enjoy the ride and if you don’t like the blog well….sorry but really I am not.