Pardon my French

I decided to start a blog because one of my friends told me once that I was very opinionated woman and that I needed to share my opinions with others, and also because I couldn’t afford therapy.

Who am I?? I am just a citizen of the world who is trying desperately to survive in this chaotic world filled with people constantly spewing hatred.

What brings me joy: My family, open-minded people, movies, musics and sports.

What I hate: Nastiness, wickedness, rudeness, racism, people that get offended or defensive very easily, selfish and narrow-minded people. I also hate to see people cry.

In this blog, I plan to be writing and sharing posts about the world in general. I would be sharing my thoughts about the world as I think way too much as well as reading others way of thinking.

That’s it for now! Enjoy the ride and if you don’t like the blog well….sorry but really I am not. But what you can always click on the little cross at the top of the tab. But know that I don’t pretend to know everything, I just want to share some thoughts. So haters unless you can’t share some peaceful comments/opinions or have some constructive informations to share, I will suggest you to leave.

PS: I am no writer so please bear with me. I can guarantee you that you will see more than once either a grammatical, spelling, conjugation and punctuation mistakes. If you want to bash on me, go ahead.